The National Eucharistic Congress is in Indianapolis,
Indiana from July 17 to 21, 2024. The Congress will
fulfill, in a moment, the vision of the Eucharistic
Revival. Together, we will encounter the living Jesus
Christ, experience renewal, and be sent out “for the life
of the world.” Throughout the five days, our Church will
experience a new Pentecost and be anointed for the Year
of Mission to come, Visit to
learn more.

Mystagogy Live series

This Easter Season you are invited to enter into captivating truth, inspiring goodness, and breathtaking beauty as we take a deep dive into the Sacred Mysteries of the Mass.

Beautiful Light: A Paschal Mystagogy is your entry point into one of the most ancient and fruitful traditions of the Church – a catechesis on the sacred mysteries of our Faith, focusing on our Liturgical Life – called Mystagogy. The early Church knew how essential it was to foster the faith of newly initiated Christians, and the period of mystagogy became a time-tested and true pathway to life-long discipleship.

Whether you are a cradle Catholic or have just entered the Church this Easter, Beautiful Light is for you! Join Sr. Alicia and Tanner Kalina of the Eucharistic Revival team for this 7-part series to unpack everything that is true, good and beautiful about the Mass. Each week, hear from a different bishop as he helps us see with the eyes of Faith what is really happening at Mass, and answers the questions that are pressing on our hearts!

Watch live every Thursday at 5:00pm PT on or or

Each week a different bishop is invited to help us see with eyes of Faith what is really happening at Mass and answers the questions that are pressing on our hearts!

Next live episode is this Thursday, May 2, 5pm.

 You can watch previous episodes on the YouTube, Facebook or Instagram account of the national Eucharistic Revival.

For episodes information, visit

Jesus and the Eucharist Small Group Study

The Jesus and the Eucharist small group study in the parish has just concluded. However, doing this with your family, relatives, and friends (from middle school students to adults) in the comfort of your home is still very much possible. Just follow the steps below.

Jesus and the Eucharist is a dynamic, seven-session study designed to help one fall deeper in love with our Eucharistic Lord. This immerses one in the beauty of our faith in an intimate small group setting, hears from some of the most brilliant voices in Catholicism, and explores the mystery of the Eucharist anew as part of the National Eucharistic Revival.

This ready-made video-based study running about two hours aims to create fertile ground in our parish for the blossoming of a truly Eucharistic culture.


Steps to start your own group

  1. Confirm participation of your desired group members.
  2. Form small groups from confirmed participants. Each small group may have eight members. This is the optimal number so everyone may have enough time to speak/share. Less is okay.
  3. Assign a table facilitator/s from your group. Each group should have a facilitator.
  4. The chosen table facilitator/s should watch a short online training video through this link:

and go to the Facilitator Training.


There is also a Guide to Facilitating Table Discussion document under the training video. This training should be done before gathering the group and before the group starts the study.


5. Each study session has a handout which can be downloaded for distribution to each participant from the same link: and go to Facilitators, and under English Resources click Download Handout under the appropriate Session Number.

  1. When everyone is ready, the facilitator can access the study videos through the same link: and go to Facilitators, and under English Resources click View Video under the appropriate Session Number.


On Saturday, November 4, 2023, parishioners and ministry/church organization members attended SJB’s general assembly on the Eucharistic Revival. Veronica Duluk, Senior Director of Evangelization of the Diocese of San Jose, facilitated the half-day Spirit-filled event with Msgr. Wilfredo S. Manrique, Pastor, giving the opening talk. Also in attendance was Fr. Edgar M. Elamparo, I, Parochial Vicar.