We are called to active discipleship to live the values taught by our Lord Jesus Christ through acts of faith, hope, and charity. As active disciples, we engage in a “mission” mode of evangelization, forming disciples and inspiring others to do the same.


Strategic Vision

We are a thriving community of disciples who see their role in the life and evangelizing mission of the Church, sustaining a parish school that continuously grows and increases its enrollment every year, and supporting a facility that architecturally highlights the beauty and spirituality of its border community.


We seek to be a community of active disciples who:

  • Are diverse, inclusive, and collaborative (Welcoming) Continuously grow and share their faith with all generation of spiritual seekers (Word)
  • Are involved in a creative, vibrant liturgy (Worship)
  • Are involved in areas of service that impact its border community and the world (Witness)
  • Have a strong sense of stewardship, evident in the parish’s healthy finances, committed organization, and self -sustained ministries (Strengthening)
  • Are unafraid to grow by remembering the past, celebrating the present, and believing in the future (Growing)