Rite Christian Initiation Adult

This is open to adults who are interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith and have never been Baptized. We also work with those who have been Baptized into another Christian Faith but want to learn mor about the Catholic Faith.

What if you are Baptized in the Catholic Faith but haven’t received all you Sacraments of Initiation (Confirmation and Holy Eucharist) and want more information on receiving them.


WHO IS AN ADULT? For the RCIA the Catholic Church has determined anyone who has reached the age of reason, about 7 years old. So, if you have a child that is 7 years old and not Baptized, WE CAN HELP.
safe on your journey!

Children religious education

The Catechetical Ministry seeks to open children, youths and adults to the discovery of the goodness of God as reflected in their world, and help them to experience and respond to this within the Catholic Community. It seeks to help them grow further in their faith and understanding of our Catholic tradition, our unity in Christ and the many gifts of the Holy Spirit.