In just a few weeks, we are going to culminate our 140th Parish Anniversary with our Black and White Beneϐit Ball. The Ball is not just to raise funds for our parish, but, most especially, it is to celebrate our community of faith ‐ we remember the past, celebrate the present, and believe in the future. One hundred forty years is a milestone and we have a lot for which we can be grateful.

Our Parish of St. John the Baptist is the oldest church in Milpitas. Since its inception, it has and continues to serve immigrants from Europe, Asia, and the residents of the Milpitas. For many, this Community is a place of worship, a place to ϐind and serve Christ in others, and to share and celebrate the richness of our Catholic faith.

We prepare fellow disciples in our School and in our Religious Education Program. We form young men and women not only academically, but more importantly, servants who will collaborate with us as workers in God's vineyard.

The involvement of our youth, our work in social justice, the ministry of the different parish organizations are manifestations that Christ is Alive and Active in our midst. Because of this, our vibrant and faith‐ϐilled Community gathers every Sunday and every day to be nourished and challenged by God's Word and with the Food of Life so that we can continue to be the presence of Christ to others.

Having said all that, Fr. Eddie and I would like invite you to join us in our Black and White Beneϐit Ball on Saturday, October 14, 2017 at 6:00pm at the Marriott Hotel in Fremont. You may buy your tickets at the Parish Ofϐice or after the Sunday Mass or simply ask one of the priests. Come and enjoy a fun evening of delicious food, entertainment and a night to celebrate our parish community.

I hope to see you at the Ball!

Sincerely yours,

Fr. Ritche